Drug Dealers arrested for robbery, solicitation to shoot a police officer

Bensalem Police arrested two males from Philadelphia after attempting to rob and shoot an undercover Bensalem narcotics officer. 29 yr old Tariq Moore from the 4700 blk of Sansom st was charged with solicitation to commit murder, conspiracy to commit robbery with a firearm, drug delivery and related offenses. 25 yr old David McCoy 6500 blk of N. Woodstock st was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery with a firearm, drug deliver, possession of a stolen firearm and related charges.

Tariq Moore

Tariq Moore

 On Tuesday 11-26-2013 at approximately 5:45 PM members from the Bensalem Special Investigations and Criminal Investigations Unit were conducting a buy/bust operation in the area of 2300 block of Old Lincoln Hwy. An undercover Bensalem officer was attempting to purchase 300 Oxycodone pills that has a street value between $7,000-$9,000.

David McCoy

David McCoy

 When Moore and McCoy arrived the vehicle they were in had the registration plate partially covered with duct tape to avoid detection. The undercover officer opened the door of the vehicle and observed someone hiding under a blanket in the rear seat.  The officer immediately exited the vehicle and felt he was going to get robbed.   Both Moore and the officer exited the vehicle where the drug transaction took place however Moore only gave the officer about half of the drugs. Moore began to get argumentative with the officer turned towards the vehicle and could be heard saying to the male in the vehicle “klack em, which is common term used by gang members, meaning to “shoot him”.  At this time, the officer feared that he could possibly be shot. He then observed a male later identified as McCoy climb out of the middle seat area of the vehicle and into the back trunk.  Moore then and handed the officer the bags containing several different types of pills.  The officer then handed Moore the rest of the money. Moore then turned back toward his vehicle and again could be heard saying “Klack em. The officer identified himself as a police officer. Moore turned and ran back to the vehicle, entered it and attempted to flee while back up officers arrived. A Detective Sergeant and a Detective from the Criminal Investigations Division, who were riding in the same vehicle, approached the rear of the suspect’s vehicle. Moore backed up striking the police vehicle and continued to accelerate while spinning the vehicle’s tires in an attempt to flee.   Assisting officer’s converged in and were able to block the suspect’s vehicle from fleeing. Both subjects were ordered to exit the vehicle however McCoy was observed jumping back and forth between the rear passenger compartment and the rear trunk compartment.  The subjects were removed from the vehicle and detained.

    A search was later conducted on the suspects’ vehicle and found inside was duct tape, rope, and a loaded black .40 cal handgun.  This gun was reported stolen with 10 rounds of ammunition in the magazine, from a burglary in Philadelphia back in September 2013.

 The suspects were interviewed at the police station and admitted that they formulated a plan to “rip off/rob” the person who wanted to buy pills. Moore was to handle the deal while McCoy was supposed to lay under the blanket because the original plan was to sell fake pills to the person who was buying them but if the sale didn’t take place then he was supposed to jump out from underneath the blanket and rob him.  After the transaction Moore ran back to his vehicle and at that point, they realized it was a police officer so Moore yell McCoy “Klack em”, meaning to shoot the police officer. However McCoy jumped from the backseat of the vehicle to the trunk area where he concealed the handgun in the back compartment.

 The undercover officer was not injured however the Detective Sergeant and the other Detective suffered minor injuries. They were treated at the hospital and later released and should be returning to full duty in a few days.

 McCoy and Moore were video arraigned by Judge Douple. Moore was sent to Bucks County Prison in lieu of $1 million 10% bail while McCoy was sent in lieu of $750,000 10% bail.

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