Rape Suspect Arrested

RAPE SUSPECT CHARGED November 21,2013  Bensalem Police charged 18 yr. old Josh Benson from the 2100 block of Brown Ave with sexual assault and related offenses that he committed while he was an adult. These two victims are teenage girls. Benson who will turn 19 in two weeks, has been incarcerated at Edison Juvenile Detention Center for the sexual assault of 5 other teenager women that he assaulted while he was a juvenile. Currently, 7 victims who were, between 14-16 yrs. of age at the time of the assault, have come forth to report that he sexually assaulted them. Police believe there are many more. In many of the cases the suspect would befriend the victims Bensonby meeting them on a dating website or through other people. This has been occurring for the past several years. Over the course of a few weeks of befriending them the victims would trust him and at some point agreed to have a sexual encounter. Almost immediately when the sexual encounter began the suspect became physically violent. The victims became terrified and asked him to stop, however the suspect became more violent by physically restraining them and continued the sexual assault. On at least one occasion the suspect forcefully raped a teenager. Benson was arraigned today in front of Magisterial Judge Joseph Falcone and sent to Bucks County Prison in lieu of $5 million dollars 10% bail. He will be transferred from Edison Juvenile holding facility to Bucks County Prison where he will remain. Bensalem Police are asking any victims who have not reported an assault from Benson to please contact Det. Chris McMullin or Det. Dave Nieves Jr at 215-633-3719

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